Age: 21

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
Platform Issue: BFF: Brush, Floss, Fluoride
Talent: Jazz Dance
College Major: Biology

Secret Wish or Dream: I wish to open a dental and medical clinic that has a designated area for arts and performance.

My Favorite Hobbies: Dance, ceramics, track and field, and stand up paddle boarding.

Bio: Kathryn was born and raised an island girl. Home will always be Hawai’i. Her father is a dentist, and she plans to follow in his footsteps. Volunteering together on a global scale, her father taught her that our planet is an island, and we must all do our part. Her platform, “BFF: Brush, Floss, Fluoride,” was created with the worldwide awareness that many lifelong health issues start with tooth decay. Simple care and education can change this. 

kathryn teruya - miss hawaii 2017